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But one must be sure with the Unicorn on the loose. […] He’s just struck again. Snatched Lady Babington’s pearls right from under her nose.


#NINE #NINE had the best lines


My stupid horse and his fucking friend just ran right into each other. People used to ride these things into battle. People used to be depended on these beasts for transport and the plowing of fields. People write novels and poems about these morons. Steven Spielberg made an entire movie based on how majestic and proud these creatures are. What a bunch of useless pieces of crap.

[2/10] Characters: Sarah Manning

Tenth Doctor Project 14/?: Ten in Smith and Jones (I Hate Your Face Edition)



Who is Tony Stark when you take away the suit?

The guy who could and did build the suit

Nobody gave him Iron Man. It wasn’t an accident. Tony built himself into a superhero with his hands and his tools and his brain, and it takes a very very specific kind of person not just to have that knowledge but to make that CHOICE to say, “yes the most obvious next step in my life is to build an automated suit of armor and fight evil”

This is why I LOVE HIM. He’s not a God, he didn’t gain his powers from an injection, he didn’t have a freak accident, he wasn’t born with a mutation. He made himself.


Happy Birthday, Freema Agyeman! (20 March, 1979)


No wait, this one is the best gif. 


I always see so much of Nine in this episode.

Like, here—right here. That quiet, calm rage. Nine could yell, oh yes—and Ten does, later in this very episode, when he shouts at Cassandra to leave Rose’s body. But Nine would often have that quiet rage at first. Those eyes widened in a severe glare, head forward, shoulders taut. A lot of Ten’s mannerisms, speech patterns, and dialogue in this episode screamed of Nine. Even the beginning of the episode, where he said things like, “Think of how you look to them, all pink and yellow,” and “Watch out for the—oh, never mind, you’ll find out.” There was a lot of Nine bleeding through. A meta reason for this, I think, would be that this episode was originally written for Christopher Eccleston, before they found out he was leaving. But in truth, I like to think it’s because a little of the Doctor’s old personality traits stick around for a short while after regeneration. Ten still emulated Nine a lot in this episode (and for one or two following) because he was fresh out of the regeneration. Those habits stuck. But as time went on, he got more comfortable in that new skin, and became more of the Ten that we see later on in season two, as well as the Ten we see in seasons three and four.

But for here, for this? He was so, so much like Nine. And I loved it so, so much.


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